The office of chief of staff for AOP

The office of the chief of staff for AOP is supporting the General Director of AOP in implementing the rules and regulations of AOP, processing the clients’ cases and scheduling the meetings for General Director of AOP. The chief of staff is also the special advisor to the General Director of the AOP.  

This office is communicating with deputies offices of the AOP, in relation to the design and development of policies, financial and human resources. In addition, the office of chief of staff is responsible for classifying the decrees of H.E the president in terms of priority, drafting the decrees, recording the presidential Commandments and decrees, drafting the instructions of AOP and communicating them with staff, preparing meeting agenda, facilitating the general meetings and follow up of the meetings’ directives.



  • Facilitating communications with Deputies of AOP.
  • Recording and announcement of Presidential decrees and Commandments.
  • Receiving and arranging documents for H.E the President’s instructions;
  • Arranging, recording and communicating the orders and instructions of the AOP.
  • Recording and communicating the presidential decrees and Commandments.  
  • Follow up on the AOP directives with the relevant departments.
  • Establishing cooperation between the leadership of ministries, government agencies, and the AOP.
  • Submitting reports on the performances of Deputy Offices and Other AOP departments to the General Directorate office of AOP.