Directorate of Coordination of Cabinet Affairs

The directorate of Coordination of Cabinet Affairs is responsible for implementing the current strategies and policies of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan pertinent to good governance. The Directorate is also responsible to organize and facilitate the cabinet meetings which is the government’s highest decision-making body. The directorate includes the decisions of cabinet working committees and subcommittees, critical national and social issues that are within the legal scope of cabinet, in the cabinet meeting agenda after a comprehensive review and evaluation of each item in the agenda. The agenda is then presented at the cabinet meeting for discussion and decisions. This directorate is responsible for arranging and organizing cabinet meetings, preparing correspondence and approvals and disseminating them to the relevant government agencies. The directorate is also keeping the cabinet meeting documents in a secure archive, tracking the implementation of cabinet decisions, and presenting the findings to the office of President and Cabinet Meetings.


The Directorate of Coordination of Cabinet Affairs in line with the aforementioned objectives has the following main duties:


  • Preparing the documents of the agenda of the Cabinet meetings and sending them before the meetings are held and distributing to the members of the Cabinet on the day of the meeting;

  • Informing the offices of the Vice Presidents, Chief Executive, Deputies of Chief Executive, Ministers, Advisory Ministers and Senior Advisers to the president attending Cabinet meetings on the date and location of the Cabinet meetings;

  • Analyzing and evaluating documents of discussion points in the cabinet meetings based on existing laws, government policies, the past decrees and commandments in Council of Ministers (related to the subject), and if required, preparing a note and submitting it to the office of H.E the President for guidance.

  • Coordinating the items of cabinet meeting agenda with the reporting agencies;

  • Preparing a brief report of the items of the agenda after a thorough review and submitting it to H.E the President, Vice Presidents, Chief Executive, Deputies of Chief Executives and secretary of the Cabinet Meeting.

  • Recording the minutes of the Cabinet Meetings and preparing a news report for broadcasting through Bakhtar News Agency;

  • Preparing the documents of approved items in Cabinet Meeting for President's Signature;

  • Ensuring all government agencies have access to the approvals of the Cabinet meetings;

Monitoring and overseeing the implementation of cabinet decisions and reporting the findings to H.E the President and future cabinet meetings on a timely basis.