Coordination of Advisory and Commission Affairs Directorate


Coordination of Advisory and Commission Affairs Directorate

Vision and objectives of the directorate of Coordination of Advisers and commissions affairs

The Advisory Affairs coherence directorate is established under decree No 803 dated 1394, 27, 23, of H.E the President, in the framework of the Deputy d of government affairs coherence under General Directorate of Administrative office of the President.

for the purpose of coordinating with the affairs of H.E the President’s advisors and appointing commissions of H.E the President’s Office, acting as supportive administration for coherence of H.E the President’s advisory affairs and commissions and fact-finding delegations, that’s being appointed by H.E the President for certain affairs, for arrangement and coherence of their financials, administrative, services, advisory, required facilitation and coordination with related AOP’s offices, or rest of the governmental entities outside AOP.

Major duties of the Directorate of Commissions and advisers affairs’ coherence:

  • Drafting decree of H.E the President in regard to assigning of fact-finding delegation;

  • Assigning of fact-finding committees to investigate urgent cases and deal with the families of the martyrs and injured;

  • Collection and summarizing the concept notes of respected advisors and presenting it to H.E the President.

  • Provision of security, financial facilities, and transport for  delegation to their travel to  provinces of the country;

  • Demand, analysis, and expertise  of the fact-finding delegation’s  report and presenting it to H.E the President obtain guidance;

  • Arranging working relationships of H.E the President’s advisers with the relevant organizations and the provide financial, administrative and transportation services.

  • Drafting letters, suggestions and concept notes of H.E the President’s Advisors;

  • Proceed demands of H.E the President’s Advisors with relevant authorities

  • Share H.E the President’s guidance to the relevant authorities