Directorate of International Relations


Directorate of Coherence of international relations is established under the government affairs coherence deputy, office of AOP’s framework, that’s acting as key directorate, responsible for affairs related to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Counter Narcotics, that requires guidance and decree of H.E the President, and is coordinating to accelerate Afghanistan’s international activities with UN, Process of documents for high ranking government officials’ travel affairs, to participate in seminars, conferences, International Covenants and Agreements, process of treatment expenses and dispatch of civil and military personnel, affected by the outbreak of war and wounded for treatment abroad. ,

Monitoring of CIP, VIP and VVIP lounges of Hamid Karzai International Airport to prevent violations and bureaucracy in accordance with the aforementioned lounge rules, analysis and evaluation of treaties, conventions and international agreements and the travel reports of high government employees and its presentation to H.E the President is one of the other important duties of this directorate while pursuing the commandments of H.E the president's instructions related to the work affairs of this directorate, Assistance of Afghan foreign nationals whose problem has foreign dimension and requires the guidance of H.E the president or cooperation of diplomatic cooperation, is another responsibility of this directorate.