Religious, Cultural and Social Affairs Directorate

The purpose of establishing the directorate of religious, cultural and social affairs, in general, is to promote the affairs of ministries and government departments, including the sector, to provide facilities between the sectoral departments and the presidency, and to foster better relations with social, political, cultural, religious institutions. And it's popular.


  • Analyze, evaluate and submit proposals and correspondence from sectorial agencies (Ministries of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled; Refugees and Returnees; Border and Tribal Affairs; Education; Higher Education; Information and Culture; Guidance, Hajj, and Endowments) Directorate of coherence of nomads Affairs; Academy of Sciences; Office of Disaster Management; Afghan High Command; General Directorate of Physical Education and Sport; National Council of Ulema of Afghanistan; National Olympic Committee; Political Parties; Center for Equality and Non-Governmental Organizations) And legally binding documents of the country; Providing necessary facilities in the administrative, technical and professional fields related to the affairs of the Cabinet's Cultural and Social Services Committee; the High Council of Immigration under the auspices of the President; National Literacy Committee; Hypothetical Committee and Vocational Education Committee; Preparing analytical notes on social, cultural, religious, and tribal and nomads institutions and presenting it to H.E the president.
  • Holding meetings with social, cultural, religious, scholars and Nomad leaders and obtaining their advice and opinions, to improve the process of good governance (in accordance with the annual plan and demand of the mentioned institutions);

  • Participating in meetings of sectorial entities and relevant department with H.E the President.
  • Awareness of the functions and plans of the Government and national projects of the country to social, political and cultural institutions (NGOs);
  • Establish and maintain ongoing coordination with relevant sectoral agencies; Documents process of the allowance/ Subsistence of high ranking officials of ministries and sectorial entities
  • Analyzing the clients and sending them to relevant references.