The Research and Policy Directorate

The Research and Policy Directorate is a key arm of the Technical Deputy Office of the AOP, which works in close collaboration with other departments, particularly with the Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate. In addition, the directorate supports other research institutes in their efforts to find solutions for the current economic, social and environmental problems in the country. The directorate is committed to working with other partners in addressing the current challenges and opportunities. Thus, the cooperation among the academic, government and private sectors will enhance, and as a result enabling them to provide more actionable recommendations for future policies.


  • The department accesses government, academic and research institutions through establishing close partnerships with public and private universities, higher education centers, and research centers. It also paves the way for increased collaboration between the private, public and academic sectors.

  • In addition, the department will focus on economic, social and environmental issues in order to help the Afghan government in making evidence-based decisions.